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Facebook launched its own application for communication

Facebook announced Wednesday, will no longer allow the user through the main application of Facebook transceiver for news. Facebook is facing competition from multiple mobile messaging applications, such as Snapchat and Line. If the user needs to send and receive messages, then the Facebook is required to install a dedicated message. Require users to install independent messaging applications will help Messenger popularity, but it may also lead to user dissatisfaction.Facebook said in a statement:"through Messenger, we have created a fast and reliable messaging experience, at present, all the energy and resources focused on this experience is reasonable for us."February of this year, Facebook announced the acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19000000000.Currently has 1200000000 Facebook registered users. The company is developing a variety of independent applications in the near future, as the main application of the Facebook. In January this year, Facebook launched a photo based news reading application Paper, received a positive evaluation.