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Facebook advertising revenue of 3/4 will come from mobile

2015 Facebook users in the number of social networking sites through the phone will be close to 1000000000. There is no doubt that the next twelve months will be the key to promote the growth of Facebook advertising. 2013, Facebook 6990000000 $45% in advertising revenue from mobile advertising. EMarketer, this year Facebook mobile advertising in total revenue share will reach 10900000000, that is $73%.This year, the United States is still the largest Facebook mobile phone users market, accounting for 80% of its mobile phone users, reaching 123100000 people. EMarketer predicts that in the United States Facebook mobile advertising will account for 74% of advertising revenue, higher than the global ratio.India is the world's second largest Facebook market, Facebook registered mobile phone users will exceed 100000000 for the first time this year. By 2017 India Facebook mobile phone users will exceed the United states. Indonesia is the third largest market for Facebook, but also the top ten of the Facebook mobile phone user coverage, the user accounts for 92.4% per month through the mobile phone Facebook. By 2018, the coverage increased to 98.8%. Britain and Russia are also mobile phone users share more than 90% of the country.