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Facebook launched free networking applications in Columbia

Facebook launched a free Internet application in Columbia, designed to enable users to access through the mobile phone terminal free access to multiple network platforms. To help more people connect to the internet."He hoped that the next few years the plan can be implemented in more countries.This event is Fackbook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Zuckerberg Mark) to promote the application of the Internet, one of the measures, the service has been deployed in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania. Although Zuckerberg declined to disclose what the next step will be in the country to implement the application, but it is confident that the application will be changed to mobile operators in the global scope of the standard to expand the Internet access rate.According to Tigo relevant data show that, despite the world's population of 85% people living in the mobile network coverage area, but only 30% of people can access the internet. The government of Columbia says it is hoped that other mobile operators will be able to join the program."Our goal is to use technology to create a good communication platform, so as to promote social peace and improve the level of education."