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Facebook will fight"trick"and false news

Facebook said the company has introduced a new option to combat the"hoax"and false news. Allows users to mark a news story as"intentionally fabricated or fraudulent news"to reduce the likelihood of a hoax news spread. Because this information can be in the online social network with 1350000000 users spread like wildfire.Facebook has become an important source of news. If a thread with a link to an article is marked by many people as a hoax, or by many people choose to delete, the rate of its spread in the Feed News is reduced."Studies have shown that 30% of American adults consume news content on the Facebook web site.Facebook said it will not remove false news from its website, but will be included in the design of the algorithm for the consideration of the design of a hoax, and the algorithm is the user's post can spread more than a decisive factor. But the irony of content should not affected, such as"to humor funny (News), or is explicitly marked as Satire".