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Facebook recruit a large number of tentacles

According to foreign media reports, due to the Facebook in many areas to reach out, Facebook is also ambitious to launch its own satellite and manufacturing to provide Internet services in the world remote areas of unmanned aircraft. These two tasks have become an important area of recruitment: Facebook recruitment information display needs of the personnel, including search experts, aviation electronic equipment experts as well as radio frequency communications and thermal engineering experts. Its workforce continues to expand. Virtual reality, unmanned aircraft and data center business expansion to the Facebook company's staff expanded up to 14%.This social network company is currently on its website to send a large number of recruitment information, the goal is to recruit nearly 1200 new employees, thinking that the future is ready. In addition, Facebook acquired the online advertising company in 2013 Atlas. Facebook Posts listed in this area more than 20.Facebook's current business expansion may help the company to increase its annual revenue to $30000000000 over the next few years. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, they will have to start from the world of excellence. Facebook last year to $2000000000 acquisition of virtual reality Rift Oculus has become the focus of growth. Recruitment information listed on its website shows that virtual reality has become one of the focus areas of recruitment.In addition, a number of positions in the Oculus Facebook recruitment program are the manager of logistics, procurement and supply chain management. Some analysts said that this shows that the product may be close to the official release. Virtual reality is still a new thing for the general consumer market. However, if virtual reality can really be accepted in the field of entertainment, games, communication, and computing, Facebook is likely to become the core of the IT industry in the future.Chief operating officer Sandberg in an interview, said, we are an ambitious company, we also have an ambitious CEO. Our users are constantly growing, our business continues to expand, we want to support these."She said, Facebook today's business compared to a few years ago has been multiple growth.