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Facebook launched a simple version of the application Facebook Lite

January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook recently launched a simple version of the application Facebook Lite, the size of the application is only 252k bytes. Reported that Facebook began to test the product in several countries in Africa and Asia over the weekend. The company's move to attract more users in developing countries.Facebook Lite has only an Android version, and is open to some countries, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Vietnam are among the top countries in the world of smart phones, and they are also in the starting line-up for Lite Facebook. Running in the 2G environment and the poor network conditions. This application is based on the mobile phone on the"Snaptu"version of the Facebook application, but increased the push function, but also integrated the camera shooting.All along, Facebook has been regarded as the home of the company to pay attention to the field of mobile. However, if you want to maintain the growth momentum, it will need to attract those users who are not good network environment. In addition, Facebook is still using more ways to attract users. Companies previously announced to encourage operators to provide free internet access to users in some areas. The company also plans to use solar powered drones to provide Internet service. Analysts predict that this year's smartphone sales will grow 15%, while prices will fall to $30.